From Quattro Farms To Your Quattro Plate


During many years of travel around the world, Quattro Vinotecca’s Executive Chef Paul Chiappetta fell in love with a concept of quality and fresh food that remained with him for many years after returning to Canada.


photo supplied by Quattro Hotel

Food has always been an integral part of Paul’s life.  As a chef, he is continuously looking for new ways to incorporate flavours and textures to create magnificent, mouth-watering food fare.  His heart continued to yearn after the methods the Europeans use and how they integrate their love of food and the finest ingredients into their culinary creations.  Most chefs will comment on importance of the product, before the preparation and cooking process begins.

As time passed and the desire only grew stronger, he looked for ways to adopt the European love affair with their food and unite his own passion with his food creations.  It became abundantly clear that in order to provide customers with the freshest, healthiest and highest quality of product, you must start from the beginning.   Hints of what was to come began to materialize through selection of fine wine, menu items that combine freshness and flavour, introduction of the wood Q-branded chef table and a fresh herb garden in the  Piazza della Quattro.

A dream finally became a reality and in May of this year, Quattro Farms was born.  Located in Thessalon, Ontario, Quattro Farms is a 168 acre sprawling landscape of lush grassland, apple orchards, mature evergreens and a natural running creek.  Livestock is treated with love and respect, fed a clean diet of peas and barley and allowed to bask in the glorious sunshine of sprawling farm fields.


photo supplied by Quattro Hotel

The perfect setting, clean environment and sustainably farmed pork, poultry and rabbit will no doubt bring the level of Quattro menu to astounding heights.

“Farming is a concept as old as time.  What people don’t realize is how the definition of farming has transformed and what transpires in those so-called farms.  The two most imperative things at Quattro Farms is how the livestock is treated and how / what they are fed.  ” says Executive Chef, Paul Chiappetta

Chef Paul adds, “By no means is this the easiest route to take for food supply, but we are committed to provide natural quality product.  There is an absolute difference in the texture and taste of the food.  There is also a sense of satisfaction knowing how our food was farmed and what we offer to our customers”.

Quattro Farms Mission: 

To provide locally sourced and responsibly farmed food

Quattro Farms Vision:

To deliver patrons and customers of Quattro Vinotecca and Quattro Conference with locally sourced and sustainably farmed quality food products that are non-gmo, free from chemicals, antibiotics, hormones or by-products.

More information on Quattro Farms will be available on Quattro website very shortly.  You can visit the Vinotecca Facebook for images of the farm and livestock.

About Quattro Vinotecca:

Quattro Vinotecca is located at Quattro Hotel & Conference Centre and far exceeds the usual expectations of a “hotel” restaurant. The atmosphere has a casual vibe and outstanding food. Expect to enjoy the finest selection of meats in the city served with fresh accompaniments, interesting pastas and risottos.   Pair your dinner selection with one of Quattro’s fine wines from the extensive wine cellar.  Open every night for dinner, as well as weekday lunches while evening specials enhance the weeknight experience.


Editor’s Note: The Northern Hoot has learned since publishing this press release and would like to acknowledge that Mark Petingalo is the local farmer raising the livestock on Quattro Farms.


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