Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains to CN: Access to Cottages Urgent


The update below was posted by the Coalition for Algoma Passenger Train Service this afternoon.

We are pleased to say that the ACR Stakeholders Working Group, led by its Interim Chair, Tom Dodds, has been very busy  with the processes of selecting a third party operator for the passenger train.

We know that many of you are very concerned with the lack of passenger service and the winterization processes required prior to freeze up.  Lodge owners, trappers and those who have camps/cottages are very concerned about the probable damage to their properties that could result if the normal winterizing maintenance is not completed.  We, have been hearing your concerns about undrained pipes bursting, boats and canoes either floating away as the water level rises or being damaged from freezing in the water, rafts and docks not being brought onto shore, winter windows replacing screens to keep the snow and ice from blowing into and destroying porches etc.  As a result of your concerns CAPT has requested  the working group to make a request to CN to provide train service to facilitate the winterizing process for all concerned.  This service would most logically be done after the end of the tour train season (after Canadian Thanksgiving) and before freeze-up.  We are very hopeful that CN will realize the urgent need for this service to be provided and be willing to make that happen. ( Unfortunately the new operator will not be in place in time for this winterizing to be done.)

Several  CAPT volunteers attended the recent Sault Ste Marie federal government all-candidates debate (some with our CAPT t-shirts on).  We were pleased that the ACR passenger train issue was discussed several times by the candidates.


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