Something Borrowed, Blue, New and Q!


You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. ~Dr. Seuss

Tricia Lesnick has a natural born love for Sault Ste. Marie. The spunky, dimpled brunette intuitively infuses her passion for community with her role as Communications and Marketing manager at the Quattro Hotel in the Sault.

In fact, the entire Quattro establishment has a strong sense of supporting local, evidenced by a summer 2016 announcement of their partnership with a local farmer to supply the hotel’s restaurant with the most ethical and sustainable ingredients, to the upcoming wedding show, Something Q Wedding Showcase: Love of Ages Fashion Show hosted at the hotel this Thursday, January 19th.

Instead of jet-setting around to find your ‘say yes to the dress’ moment or clicking around on Ebay to take a chance on suspicious wedding centerpieces, the happy couple can create their own perfect Pinterest wedding themes drawing on inspiration from businesses and services right here in the Sault.

“I thought it was really important to showcase some of the great options that we have here,” percolated Lesnick who has taken the lead in planning this event. “We have a lot of professional people in the Sault that know what they are doing and can help. We have wonderful people in our community that can make a couple’s wedding day great. You miss out on that one-to-one support when you take your search out of town.”

The event has organized a number of vendors that encapsulate the wedding industry: limousine services; cake makers; honeymoon planning; wedding décor; wedding wear –from bride to mom to groom; financial planning services; and many more local businesses will be on display and ready to make your special day unforgettable.

Quattro has partnered up with the Bridal Closet for the event and one lucky bride will win the grand prize draw of $4,000 towards their dream dress from the Bridal Closet.

Quattro has also cozied up with EMC to pull off  -with finesse, a slick, top quality wedding fashion show that possesses all the elements of high fashion, technical savvy and edgy creativity with a Northern spin.

Originally from the Sault, Misha Rasiah, a casting director, dance teacher, and choreographer in Toronto, returned home and partnered up with Ryan Byrne –owner of Ace Productions, to create EMC. EMC was formed for the sole purpose of creating opportunities for paid employment for actors, singers, dancers and models.

“This isn’t just a fashion show. EMC has leveled up the choreography and created multiple storylines along the runway,” smiled Lesnick.

As the name –Love of Ages, indicates, this show isn’t just about life’s ‘development stages’ it’s about modern love too. This isn’t your Grandma’s wedding show- unless she’s Betty White. And while there is no promise of wedding wear heavy on the gold lame –this time, Lesnick assured that this show is for all ages, sizes and lifestyles. “This show is about a celebration of love,” twinkles Lesnick. “The show reflects where we are going in society and it reflects our community.”

Lesnick aims to deliver on the ‘wow’ factor for each event that she plans. The commitment to over delivering and raising the bar in service is shared by the Quattro team. Recently, Quattro was recognized by Tourism Northern Ontario for their exceptional service and dedication to their patrons. Because Quattro puts the ‘Q’ in quality, Tourism Northern Ontario approached the hotel to shape a training component focusing on quality in service and product delivery for a teaching video targeted to the broad tourism industry.

“I always say love what you do and do it well, otherwise why bother doing it?” remarked Lesnick thumping her coffee cup on the table in the Quattro Vinotecca restaurant for emphasis. “And I think that’s why this team works so well together- we all love being here, everyone is passionate about what they are doing. With four local owners, who are very tied into the community and have successful businesses in the community, the philosophy to work with local partnerships to deliver the best in all we do is something taken to heart -including this wedding show which is going to be amazing. I’m so excited!”

Lesnick’s approach in all she does on behalf of Quattro is driven by her tremendous love for her hometown. As a young person, and as many do, Lesnick finished her schooling and headed south to pursue a career and to chase down a different living experience. She honed her talents in sales and marketing, working with a spectrum of impressive agencies and getting in a fair amount of travelling experience to do so. But after eight years in Hogtown, Tricia’s appreciation and longing for what had been left behind couldn’t be ignored.

“I realized that there were things in the Sault that I loved so much. Things that I couldn’t do here very easily,” remarked Lesnick. “In Southern Ontario, you don’t have a ski hill that’s a beautiful forty minute drive away. You can’t just take a fifteen minute safe drive to get to a place to go hiking. You can’t drive twenty minutes in any direction and hit a body of water that you can swim in. I realized that the Sault has a lot to offer.”

So when the opportunity to plan the upcoming wedding show presented to Lesnick she was eager to accomplish a multitude of goals through the event, including showcasing the best of the Sault and underpinning the point to young people that career aspirations can be attained right here.

“We want our young people to know that they don’t have to leave for big centres to fulfill their dreams. That’s why it was important to me to support an upcoming business like EMC so they have the opportunity to try to highlight what they are doing in the city. EMC has brought a lot of the cool edge to this event.”

Something Q Wedding Showcase: Love of Ages begins at 6 p.m. with a vendor showcase. The excitement amps up at 8 o’clock when the fashion show, complete with dancers from Elite Dance Force, by EMC starts. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at the door.

“It’s a bridal show unlike any show that the Sault has ever seen –and even Toronto,” promised Lesnick.


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