SSM| Grab a Drink and Grab a Paintbrush! No Experience Required.

Janelle Tang

Janelle Tang instructing during Paint Nite event at Giovanni’s Restaurant.

Paint Nite, with the tagline ‘drink creatively’, just burst onto the Sault scene this week and it’s already on fire. Thirty women poured into Giovanni’s Restaurant last night to share a couple of drinks and a bunch laughs whilst exploring their painting chops.

The community can credit Janelle Tang for introducing this regular event that has been exploding in popularity across the globe over the past three years. Janelle has a Bachelors in Fine Arts and a Masters in Museum Studies. Before moving to the Sault she worked for the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. She was first introduced to Paint Nite when she lived in Edmonton and she attended as a participant.

“I thought the concept was really neat and I thought it could be a good business opportunity for myself- even before I knew I was moving to the Sault,” shared Janelle. “When I did move here I realized that there was a really big live music scene and a real appreciation for the arts. It just reinforced to me that Paint Nite could be really successful in the Sault.”

Preparing Pallette

Preparing the painting palette.

The first Paint Nite originated in Boston Massachusetts and has since crossed the globe as far as the UK and China. Janelle is the instructor as well as the Paint Nite license holder for Sault Ste. Marie.

Paint Nite participants are provided with all the materials they will need to create their masterpieces including a 15 inch x 20 inch canvass. After a two hour live lesson all the participants will have completed a ready to hang painting. According to Janelle, most participants haven’t picked up a paintbrush since primary school as rang true for most of last night’s painters- and their final pieces were nothing short of impressive!

“That’s the fun part of my job,” shared Janelle. “Picking out what we’re going to paint. I pick something that is easy to paint in two hours and that would be attractive to hang. I take pride in selecting the paintings. I want you to like the end result and hang it in your house or maybe give it as a gift.”

Painting Ladies

Thirty ladies tried out their painting chops- and had a couple of drinks, at the second Paint Nite hosted in Sault Ste. Marie.

Those interested in participating in Paint Nite should pre-register. Tickets are normally $45 but there are often coupon codes that discount the price. That information is found below. Janelle is hosting Paint Nite between Giovanni’s and the Water Tower Pub.

“What I think is great about paint night is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a painter or not. It’s about a good time, creating, being with other people and having a drink- and we turn up the music. It’s more of a party atmosphere,” enthused Janelle. “The main thing about Paint Nite is that you have to be of drinking age to attend. I think that’s something that adults look forward to – a distraction free evening. Paint Nite is great for date night or a girl’s night out.”

The Masterpieces!

Marnie Stone

Marnie Stone. Prior: “I think this is a great opportunity to get together with a couple of friends, have a couple of drinks and paint a Picasso! I used to paint in high school but I haven’t done it for a long time – I’m glad there’s a teacher.” After: “I’m going to put this in my front foyer- I’m redoing my foyer right now. I’m going to pick my colours around this painting. These are going to be my front foyer colours!


Heidi McLarty

Heidi McLarty. Prior: “It’s been a number of years since I painted. I think it was way back in 1998. It’s been awhile. I just came here to have fun!” After: “I’m not sure where I’m putting this yet but I’m keeping it! I’d definitely come again!”

Brenda Wright

Brenda Wright. Prior: “I just painted a wall today. I’m usually painting interiors. I’ve never painted a canvass before. I’m excited to get started!” After: “It was so much fun- it was amazing! I’m going to do this again! I’m going to hang this in my outhouse- it’s a really nice outhouse by the way!”

Cathy Mah

Cathy Mah. Prior: “I’m absolutely not a painter. The last time I picked up a paint brush was probably high school- or more likely with my kids at the kitchen table.” After: “We’re already talking about doing it again and maybe bringing our spouses next time. I like that there was no pressure and it was fun. It was a night out during the week with some good friends. And the price was so reasonable. I’m going to give this to my mother-in-law. She loves art and I’m sure she’ll cherish it forever! Seriously, I think this will look good in her living room.”

Below, Marion Bentley’s awesome painting progression.

Marilyn cloud Marilyn drawing lines for mountains

Marilyn completeing mountains Marilyn a few trees

Marilyn adding dark foreground Marilyn adding branches

Marilyn adding in red leaves Marilyn adding petals on the wind

Marilyn Final Marilyn Final Final

Visit or click here to book your paint night by date or by the painting you want to paint. Tickets can be purchased on line. Sault Se. Marie’s coupon code is SOONEW45 and entitles the user to a 45% off the ticket price.

Facebook: Paint Nite Sault Ste. Marie



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