OMB Rules Against Pointe Estates Development; Rules in Favour For Pointes Protection Association


Members of the Pointes Protection Association have just received word that the Ontario Municipal Board has issued their final ruling against the proposed Pointe Estates Development.

A quick read through of the final decision shows that OMB Chairman, Blair Taylor, ruled in favour of the Pointes Protection Association in its entirety inclusive of the Provincial Policy Statement and the Planning Act. The Chairman goes on to question how the City Planner could approve the development given the statement from Ontario Municipal Housing and Affairs that the development was contrary to a number of thing in the Planning Act.

In a brief conversation with Pointes Protection Association member, Peter Gagnon, he commented, “I’m ecstatic! I always believed that the truth would come out and our lawyer nailed the final summary at the OMB hearing.”

The Northern Hoot will update information about this decision this evening. You can read the complete decision issued by the Ontario Municipal Board in the window below.






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  1. Will Gartshore on

    Thanks so much for posting this, Steffanie. After reading through the entire decision, it’s clear that Taylor did a thorough job, took all the facts into account, and made the right call based firmly on provincial and municipal law. You’ve been an excellent resource throughout for this developing story.

  2. The SSM City Planning Chief has some explaining to do! How is it that every decision he made was rejected in entirety by the OMB?