Men Seeking Men in the Sault. Do You Care?


Taking some inspiration from the local women folk, Mark McPherson, Justin Comeault, Joe Ruscio and Adrian Vilaca have spearheaded their own version of 100 Women Who Care. This Tuesday, 100 Guys Who Care will host their first charitable donation meeting, with all proceeds contributed to the Paediatric Palliative Care wing of ARCH Hospice in Sault Ste. Marie.

“We all knew about 100 Women that Care and asked ourselves ‘where’s the 100 men?’. So we decided to bond together. More hands makes less work,” commented McPherson.

Only in the works for the past 6 weeks, the fledgling group has a website up, a Facebook page and hard copy information ready for distribution.

“We’ve just recreated what the women have done, not realizing that this is actually a national movement,” shared McPherson. “They’ve done it so well that we’re going to follow in their footsteps.”

McPherson agreed that the women are good act to emulate, earning a point when he shared, “All of the strong mentors in my life have been women.”

McPherson is unsure how many men will attend the event next week. “Our goal is to bring 100 men together. This is our first meeting so we have no idea how many will come out. Right now we’re all going through our rolodexes and contacts and encouraging men to attend.”

The structure of the group suits individuals who want to help but may be short on time. One hundred –or more, people that care meet once every three months with $100 in hand, and the donation is presented to the charitable entity. A vote is taken at the end of each meeting to select the next donation recipient. But don’t blink –all of this takes just one hour.

These men –and women, do not require an incentive beyond the cause to give. No BBQ’s, prizes to be won, or rolling greens to play on. This fundraising format gets down to the brass tacks and provides what so many non-profits and charitable organization require –cash flow.

McPherson, who enjoys fundraising events and participates in many, remarked, “I’ve done golf tournaments, raffles, pubs and different fundraisers- and you never net the amount of money to the hours put in. This way you show up –you bring your cash or cheque for the charity, and 100% of the money goes to them. It’s as easy as that.”

But don’t worry men –if you’re not eager to rush home to make dinner, run the kids to swimming lessons or to get back to your pressing deadline, you can hang out for pizza, wings –maybe a salad, and beer, or strike up a new bromance after the event.

Many thanks to the generous men –and women, in Sault Ste. Marie who are making such a meaningful difference through this initiative! Please see the press release below for further information.



100 Guys Who Care is kicking off their 1st campaign Tuesday May 16th, to raise money for local charities.

Over the last year, 100 WOMEN Who Care SMM has raised over $57,000 for local charities such as Algoma Autism Foundation, The Soup Kitchen, Breakaway and Pauline’s Place.

It is now time that the guys of Sault Ste Marie gather to prove that they care.

Our mission is simple: Bring together 100 guys in SSM who care about local community causes and are committed to helping them out. Four times a year, we will meet for an hour and jointly vote for a local charity. Each guy agrees to donate $100.00 to the selected charity making it a $10,000 or more total donation from the group.

Please come out and join us!

If you can’t attend please visit our website, register and donate!


Tuesday May 16th

Registration – 5:30pm to 6:00pm

Event – 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Canadian Motor Hotel / Basement

Please contact me at 705-542-9178, if you require further information or would like to attend our event.

Thank you,

Mark McPherson

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