Back to Basics: Cleanin’ House

Growing up, I swore I would never become my mother. By twelve, I knew for certain that I would never escort my kids to basketball practice in a white Ford Bronco, I wouldn’t insist my children wear linen short sets with Hawaiian floral patterns on them, and I was most insistent on never following in my mother’s footsteps when it came to cleaning. I had a stay-at-home-mom who, for the most part, ensured we had a spic-n-span house. It should be noted that the level of cleanliness wasn’t my issue; my issue was that my mother insisted on cleaning everything with…. vinegar. As a kid – this pungent aroma seemed completely absurd as a cleaning option. How could the liquid that created my beloved pickles – also clean the floor?

When I moved out years later,  I was dead set on my house smelling like a field of wildflowers. I wanted the stench of lavender to show my guests that I knew what cleaner was – and I was using it. Of course, after several asthma episodes and once again the reading of labels came into play – I started to realize that my mother was onto something. Vinegar solution became my go-to cleaner, and soon after my mother’s face lit up when she got to remind me that she really is some kind of witch doctor, and knew better than me.

Now years later I still use my mom’s basic water and vinegar solution, but with an updated twist, to clean my home. I love that this is safe for all my family members, is safe for my pets, and is an effective cleaner.  I use it for floors, walls, toilets and even toss a whole batch in my washing machine to give it a good bi-annual cleaning! It’s wonderful. The best part about this cleaner is the citrus infusion, which cuts down on the straight vinegar stank – and grease! It’s simple to make, and can easily be adjusted to satisfied your needs!






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